What if there was a place in Denver that offered affordable resources to inspire healthy lifestyles, grow small businesses, and unite our community?

Newport Street Retreat began as a curiosity. But, when three uniquely talented individuals aligned, their curiosity soon became a project of the heart and soul. Could a co working space blend the sacred structure of an old church with the bustle of start ups and micro businesses? Could laptops and yoga mingle on a daily basis? And could there be… bees? A resounding yes to all.
Newport Street Retreat’s mission is to nourish that which nourishes the community. Our goal is to provide affordable self care, education, fellowship and professional growth opportunities to good people who do good things. We do this by offering reduced rate memberships that blend wellness and workspace so that balance is more accessible and achievable for everyone. 
We are located in a historic, mid-modern church in the Montclair neighborhood of Denver. 100% of our membership fees and donations go towards the improvement, maintenance, and operation of Newport Street Retreat. To donate, click here


We call ourselves the SAL Gals. We’ve been friends for over a decade. One is from corporate America, one is a pastor, and one is a community organizer. We are the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker, really. It has been an amazing journey creating Newport Street Retreat. Welcome!
–Sarah, Amanda & Lauren
Amanda Meyer, Executive Director
After years in Corporate America, Amanda yearned for work life balance. She delved into the practice of yoga and now combines her expertise in business with her love of whole body wellness. Amanda is originally from Massachusetts, but moved to Denver for college. Amanda and her husband spent years in Germany and Sweden before returning to Denver to raise their two girls in Stapleton.
Sarah Noyes, Director of Hospitality and Nourishment
After years working with community groups in Denver, Sarah wanted to bring mind, body and spirit nourishment to those in East Denver. Sarah is originally from North Carolina, but moved to Denver after meeting her husband in Germany. They have lived in Park Hill for several years where they are raising their two girls.
Lauren Boyd, Director of Programming and Culture
After years in ministry, Lauren wanted to bring a connected community feel and a giving culture to business. Lauren is originally from Florida, by way of Tennessee, and an undergrad in Texas. Lauren and her spouse moved from North Carolina to Denver and now live in southeast Aurora with their son. (Btw – Lauren took one year of German in high school, but she never lived in Germany)


Our partners help our facility operate and add an essential quality to our community.
Many have offices within the building and/or offer services and workshops that are part of our monthly membership.
If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us here.

Dramatic Adventures
Diana B. Thompson is the owner of Dramatic Adventures, Inc. She creates books, curriculum, and main stage presentations to build powerful skills for life. Diana’s “Powers in a Box” system helps young people to create the person they want to become, using the same tools an actor uses to create a role for the stage. Learn more:
Jan Nadav, MSS, LCSW
Jan provides seasoned, collaborative counseling and coaching for people passing through challenging life transitions such as emerging young adults and women in midlife — helping to uncover the hidden genius within and set on a course of meaning and clarity. She started the Common Chord Project: A remarkable around-the-clock Songwriting Intensive for teens interested in songwriting, composition, performance and the role empathy plays in society with close mentorship from master artists.
Contact Jan at: jan@commonchordproject.org 
Levity Nutrition
Kristine Thornham, owner of Levity Nutrition, is a Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and Yoga Instructor. She is passionate about melding the science of nutrition with practical lifestyle methods to help people reach their ultimate health goals.
Learn more: levitynutrition.com
Joubert Homes
Boutique Building – Fresh Design. We build relationships through a fun and enjoyable custom home building process. We love cool designs, taking care of the Earth, and bringing ideas to reality. Peaked your interest? Learn more at www.livejoubert.com
Mindful Being Therapy
Jane Koszowski, of Mindful Being Therapy, has a unique approach in creating whole person wellness. She will explore any or all aspects of feeling stronger and healthier. Our body, emotions, thinking, and spiritual paths are interconnected energies that we can explore, evolve and experience with mindfulness and insight. Jane provides her clients with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall well-being. Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wishing for; see what Mindful Being Therapy has to offer you.
Learn more:
Ray Howe MD
Ray Howe is a primary care medical doctor. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, a functional medicine practitioner and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) facilitator. He provides instruction and guidance in MBSR and other mindfulness based practice. He will providing functional medicine consultations at NSR in the coming months. 
Contact Ray at: rayhowe@hotmail.com.
Tina Porter Yoga
Tina Porter is Newport Street Retreat’s flagship wellness partner and yoga instructor. She is a nationally recognized Yoga and Meditation teacher who focuses on the psychology of Yoga and integration of breath into every day life. Tina currently teaches classes Newport and other select studios in Denver, as well as leads events and offers private programs to both individuals and corporations. She has taught classes, workshops and retreats all over the world including in Mexico, Nepal and Nicaragua. Tina has taught for The Yoga Journal Conference, Open Sky Events: Yoga Rocks the Park, The Telluride Yoga Festival and a series of Yoga Rocks the Mountains across the Front Range. Learn more: tinaporteryoga.com
Vine Street Farms
Vine Street Farms is a beekeeping and urban farming company focused on providing the highest quality local honey and produce to the Denver community. In addition to beekeeping and backyard farming classes, Vine Street provides mentoring and beekeeping consulting services to our neighbors, businesses, and community organizations. Learn more: vinestreetfarms.com
Wonder Lab Creative Studios
We think fostering creativity is a REALLY BIG DEAL. Whether we’re seasoned professional artists or complete art newbies, we all need a way to hit the reset button, reignite our creativity, and reconnect to our true selves. Our reset button came in the form of Acrylic Pour Painting and we’d love to share this can’t-do-it-wrong technique with you too! Wonder Lab Creative Studios offers workshops, art, and pop up events. 


Our fabulous mid century mod building has quite a story. A Methodist congregation wanted to develop community in East Denver. They started meeting in the Montclair Neighborhood in 1942. After a few years, they built the first iteration, a small congregation in a burgeoning neighborhood. By the late 50’s, they had become an institution in Montclair and built the 1960 part of our building. They grew and supported the surrounding community in many ways. Now, in the 21st century, we are bringing the good things back: the community connection and goodness happening at the corner of 12th and Newport. Stay connected as we continue to grow and extend our wellness reach! We are an organization whose donations and fees go directly to the improvement and operations of our historic building and programming.